Annual Meeting

Nordic Network of Fetal Medicine 

Riga, Latvia
22-24 May 2024

Dear all,

Representing the Nordic Network of Fetal Medicine Steering Committee, I am glad to give you a warm welcome in Riga for the 8th Annual Nordic and Baltic countries network for professionals in fetal medicine. We are  delighted to bring together amazing specialists in fetal medicine, geneticists, pathologists and fetal cardiologists in Baltic States for the second time, and we are entirely dedicated to making both your time in Riga and participation in our event intellectually and culturally enriching.  

Assoc. prof. Natālija Vedmedovska

Chair of NNFM2024 Steering Committee

Meeting Program

The NNFM Steering Committee proudly announces that the curated program emphasizes exceptional and meaningful lectures in the sphere of fetal medicine presented by outstanding field experts. The essence of the event is a mutual exchange of experience and search for progressive research and clinical perspectives. Therefore, we are honoured to be joined by our guest lecturers, who will be sharing their knowledge and insights in fetal medicine subjects.   

Social Program

During our time together we strive not only to provide you with valuable information, but also deliver a cultural experience and show the essence of Riga through our social program. This mesmerizing city is celebrated for its Old Town, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town is home to an intriguing array of architectural styles, ranging from Medieval to Art Nouveau. We take great pride in welcoming you to this magnificent city, with its rich history and vibrant culture. 

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