How to get there?

Latvia is easy to reach to travellers from both West and East. Choose what transport suits you best – a plane, train, bus, car, or a ferry across the Baltic Sea.


Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltics. The largest number of direct flights is offered to Riga from destinations in Europe and Asia, and from elsewhere Riga is easily reachable using transit flights.
There are two terminals – one for arrivals from Schengen Member States and one for passengers arriving from elsewhere.

Ferry to Latvia

Latvia’s largest ports are in Riga, Ventspils and Liepāja. They cater for regular ferry traffic from cities in Sweden and Germany.
Tallink ensures regular ferry traffic on the Stockholm – Riga route. The journey time is only 16 hours and passengers are offered an on-board entertainment programme. Riga is most frequently included in cruise routes from Germany, Sweden, Norway, USA and Great Britain.
Passenger ships are moored at Riga Passenger Port, located approximately a kilometre away from the historic centre of the city and easily accessible on foot and by car.
Ferries to Liepaja and Ventspils
Stena Line offers a regular ferry between Liepaja Passenger Port and the German city of Travemünde. The journey takes 27 hours. To get to Ventspils Port, take the Stena Line ferry from Travemünde with a journey time of 27 hours or from Nynäshamn in Sweden with a journey time of 11 hours.

Practical Information

Useful information will help to plan your trip to Latvia. Look into Latvian regional tourism maps and descriptions of popular tourism destinations, find the closest Tourism Information Centers. Learn where to rent a car.
Find out whether and for how long you may stay in Latvia without a visa and how to apply for a visa. Find out what expenses you should expect during your stay in Latvia. Follow security advice and remember where to turn for help if necessary.
Learn basic courtesy phrases in the Latvian language.
Information about accessibility of public transport and tourist sights will be useful for people with disabilities.

Other useful tips for planning your travel

How Do I Get To and From Riga Airport?

At the exit of the arrivals terminal, you can grab one of the Baltic Taxi or Red Cab taxies, but there is also public transportation available.

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